About Us

Our Story

The Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre is the reincarnation of the College of New Caledonia Daycare.

The daycare has always been run by the College of New Caledonia. The college faced many tough budgetary decisions in the past few years. The daycare was threatened with closure! The college attempted to keep the facility open under difficult circumstances but the financial realities become untenable and the tough decision was taken to cease operation on June 2015.

A devoted group of parents and facility from the Childhood Early Care and Learning program did not want to see this valued asset lost to the community. The daycare offered childcare spaces to students, facility and members of the community as well as providing hands-on training for Childhood Early Care and Learning students.

After a lot of work the Caledonia Early Care and Learning Society was established. Their mandate is to run the daycare as a non-profit society under a board of directors. After negotiations with the college, a lease was signed for 5 years.

The Caledonia Early Care and Learning opened its doors on July 1st, 2015 with a new manager and new staff. We started with seven children and are now full with 24 spaces filled by 30 children and a waiting list for children under 36 months.

As a demonstration daycare for students, we want to showcase the latest philosophies in childcare. We have recently secured funding from Northern Health Imagine grants to turn our front yard into a nature-based play area. We are excited to bring new and exciting childcare to the community of Prince George!

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