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Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre

Grow . Play . Learn


“Play prepares the children of today to be the innovative thoughtful leaders of tomorrow.” – Vince Gowman


Outside Play

Our child care philosophy embraces nature and outside playtime. Discovery of nature and all things natural create learning opportunities that support enriched child development.

Our Program

The Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre is a nonprofit child care centre. We are proud to offer a play-based, child-focused early learning program for children. Our programs foster individualism, creativity, socialization, and problem-solving.

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Give us a call and book some time to view our child care centre. You can phone for more information, or you can click the link and download the registration form to fill it out at home.


Important Updates

At present our child care facility is FULL. We are not adding names to our waitlist as it has reached capacity. Please watch here for information on openings.

Seasonal Fundraising

Fundraising is integral to our ability to provide affordable child care for our community. Stay tuned as we prepare for our spring fundraising project. We are always very appreciative of your support.

Our Environment

We are located in the College of New Caledonia and have a bright, soothing and enriching playspace. Our space is thoughtfully laid out to provide positive play-based learning experiences. Challenging our children to explore in all aspects of learning, creative play, crafts, puzzles, construction and both fine motor and gross motor opportunities.


 3330-22nd Ave. Prince George, BC, V2N 1P8


(250) 561 5834

 Day Care Hours:

M-F: 7:45am – 5:00pm

Learn By Doing

Our knowledgeable, professional team of caregivers offers resources, and programming to challenge children and support them in a fun, nurturing and safe environment. Our program has a focus on a natural play; providing natural resources and focusing on the outdoors, as well as bringing the outdoors in. We follow the philosophy of Reggie Emilia which is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. It is a pedagogy described as student-centered and constructivist that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments.

“The Wider the range of possibilities we offer children the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.”

                                                                                        – Loris Malaguzzi

Children's Gallery

Story Park

Our Team


Mission & Vision

We believe positive self-esteem is central to children’s growth and development. This belief forms the foundation of our philosophy and is dependent upon a sound interactive partnership between children, parents, and caregivers.

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A Word From

Our Manager

“I believe that children learn through play; I believe in following the child’s lead when planning activities and encouraging them to question and wonder.

It is a concern of mine is that children are not getting enough free play outside, therefore, part of my philosophy is for children to spend lots of free play time outside learning with natural materials “

– Kathy Reed

Our Team


Follow Your Childs Day

What is Storypark?


Storypark is an online platform that will be used by our educators to record activities on their tablets as they happen throughout the day to keep you informed on everything from nutritional information to fun moments and learning activities. It will provide you with real-time updates and access to a complete history of your child’s experience within our program with photos stored safely and securely in a journal format that you can access from home or on the go through Storypark’s mobile apps.  Parents can follow the activities that occurred for your child earlier in the day, extending their learning.


What Our Families Have to Say

My daughter is currently attending Caledonia Early Care and Learning Center. The security of knowing the I need not worry about her safety or wellbeing is has been a catalyst to my ability to be successful.

Symphony Cook

When it was time to back to work I quickly realized the importance of quality early childhood education. I feel very fortunate to have my daughter attend Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre.

Ashton Arnold

From the first day my son started at Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre, he loved it. He always tells me how much fun he has and about the friends he has made. The staff is so kind and caring and the facility itself is warm and inviting. They provide structure, but also opportunities to play and learn, and lots of outside time!  I am so grateful that my son has the opportunity to attend such a wonderful daycare.

Jamie McIvor

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