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Monday – Friday  7:45 am – 5:00 pm Weekends: Closed/2 Staff Development Days



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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Not The First To Ask, Let Us Help!

How do I find out if you have space available?

The best way to find out if we have space is to either phone 250 561 5834 or email us daycare@ceclc.ca

What are your fees?

Our fee structure is available on our website on our Fees page and available by email  or phone (250 561 5834).

Do I get a break if I have two or more children?

You pay for a space in the daycare, so two children take up two spaces. We are a non- profit Society so we rely on fees to pay qualified staff and provide your child with an exemplary program.

How can I be sure my child/children are safe?

Your child is supervised by Early Childhood educators at all times. We have a security system in place, so all people visiting the centre can only be let in by a staff member who can check their id on the phone tv screen.


Do I need to send a lunch or snacks with my child?

We will ask you to provide your child with two healthy snacks which will be served in the morning and afternoon. You are required to provide a healthy lunch and a water bottle for your child.


Do I still pay if my child is not at the centre?

You pay for your child’s space. We are unable to fill that space if your child does not attend therefore fees will be paid for any period of time during which your child is away from the centre, including vacation, sickness, union job action or other absences.

Are your staff all certified?

All our full-time staff are Early Childcare Educators with a license to practice in BC. Our part-time staff are Early Childcare  Educators with a license to practice in BC.

How do you approach discipline issues in the centre?

Guidance is based on the age, developmental level, life experiences and cultural or ethnic heritage of the child. The children are always under the direct care and supervision of qualified early childhood educators. The following are strategies they may use:

  1. Explaining to the children what behavior is acceptable and explaining the reason for the limits, doing so in a positive way;
  2. Focusing on the child’s behavior, rather than on the child;
  3. Allowing the children time to respond to the expectations;
  4. Reinforcing appropriate behavior;
  5. Being willing to listen and respond in a fair and supportive manner.
  6. Observing children in order to anticipate potential difficulties.
  7. Including the children in the problem-solving process.
Can I drop by at any time or do I need to call first?

You may drop by at any time except between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm when the children have nap time. Parents are able to message the staff if they need to pick up during this time.