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Our Day

Daily Schedule

Children thrive in routine.

Our schedule is flexible!

7:45   —-Centre opens/ free play/art/playdough/blocks/dramatic play etc. 

8:30-9.00  Snack —-We are presently not providing snacks, parents need to                                                       provide

9:00-9:30 —-Clean up

9:45  ———Bathroom time

10:00 ——–Outside time (or gross motor time inside, if weather is bad)

11:25  ——–Clean up time, bathroom time

11:30  ——– Pre-lunch circle

12:00  ——–Lunchtime

12:30  ——–Stories/activities on their mats.

1:00 ———-Rest time for the sleeping group. Non-sleeping children do                                             quiet activities.

2:30 ———-Wake up time (children wake up on their own. Put away                                                        sleeping mats and bathroom time.

3.00 ———-Snack (weather permitting snack will be outside) We are                                                     presently not providing snacks, parents need to provide

3:15  ———-Outside time/ science/ active play. 

4:45 ———-Clean uptime

5:00 ———-Centre closed

Free Play Time

Free Play Time

We take great care in preparing the centre’s that our children will be able to explore. Skill and learning outcomes are considered in our planning. We deeply beleive that learning through play is a childs work.

Outside Time

Outside Time

Our program has a focus on natural play; providing natural resources and focusing on the outdoors. We have a goal to help our children become motivated life-long learners by encouraging a sense of wonder

Circle Time

Circle Time

Children enjoy this time to hear stories, participate in song and develop sharing and turn-taking skills.