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Why We are Fundraising!


Mabels Labels

Let us help keep things organized.

Our goal in fundraising is to add value. We hope that by partnering with a product that makes all parents live a little less busy that it will be easy for people to support us. Click on the link above and check out these amazing labels. They are waterproof and will adhere to anything. So much easier to pick out your child’s item from any lost and found. 

Visit Mabels Labels

Support is just a click away

Follow the link at the top of the page. On the main navigation, you will see the tab labeled “Support a Fundraiser”

Type in “Caledonia Early Care and Learning Centre” and out name will populate the search box, hit return.

Now start shopping, take a look at all the great products that will make organizing your family so much easier.

Sample of Their Products

There are no deadlines and no minimums. We will receive a percentage of every sale that is made under the “support a fundraiser” tab. This is a great way to keep your child’s sports gear, camp gear or school gear organized.